Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Killer bracelet alert

It might sound like a hoax viral, but we’re passing this information on in case any of you or your families might be affected...

An alert that has been issued by various authorities with regards to the “Jequirity bracelet” which you may have bought or been given. They have been on sale at various retail outlets across the UK, including the Eden Project in Cornwall. Information has been issued from those retailers urging customers to return the red and black bracelets made from the Jequirity bean. See what the Eden Project have said here.
The Jequirity bean bracelet is made from the deadly seed of the plant abrus precatorious. It contains the toxin abrin that if swallowed, has the potential to kill in doses of just 3 micrograms. Abrin is chemically similar to ricin, a chemical warfare agent. People who have bought, or are in possession of the bracelets, are being urged to bag them, then wash their hands and avoid touching their eyes.
Anyone who has one these bracelets should double bag it, seal the bag and hand it in to your local police station where they will arrange safe disposal.

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